The Paradise Valley Chapter NSDAR held its organizing meeting on September 28, 1996, at the Paradise Valley Country Club.  The organizing officers were:

Regent:  Julia-Isabel Dameron Lichtenberg-Davenport

Vice Regent/Chaplain: Clarice Elaine Dameron-Lichtenberg

Secretary:  Betsy Sanders

Treasurer:  Gretchen Gillespie

Registrar:  Cora Lee Dameron Yeager

Historian/Librarian:  Cynthia Caughey Weber

This twenty-fifth chapter in Arizona requested its name to be Paradise Valley, which was named by Frank Conkey, who was a manager of the Rio Verde Canal Company in 1899.  It is a broad valley, lying east of the Phoenix Mountains and west of the McDowell Mountains.  When the promoters of the Rio Verde Canal project first saw this broad level valley in the early spring, covered with wild flowers, and the Palo Verde trees in full blossom, they all said, “This is Paradise.”

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